Everything You Need to Know About A 3D Mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ

Traditional mammography has now become outdated, and its place has been taken over by 3D mammography because of its various advantages. A 3D mammogram can also be called an X-ray of breast tissue or breast tomosynthesis, and it can detect multiple breast tumors because it gives us a clear image of the breast tissue. If you are looking for a medical imaging center from where you can get a 3D mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ, there are many options available in the market.

What are the advantages of a 3D mammogram?

Sometimes people may suffer from some health issues in the breasts, and they may fail to understand the severity of such issues. Mammography can help you in this situation as it is a trusted way in which you detect health issues in the breasts along with issues other than cancer. Some minor issues are not a cause for concern as they are not that problematic but early diagnosing is necessary to avoid severe complications. Mammography will help the health care professional to understand your condition in a better way so that you can get rid of all your health issues at an early stage without getting any additional treatment. Some more advantages of a 3D mammogram are: 

  • It can detect small breast cancers
  • It gives very accurate results regarding the size, shape, and location of the abnormalities in the area of your breast
  • It requires fewer additional tests
  • It avoids unnecessary biopsies

From where can you get a 3D mammogram in Hackettstown, NJ?

Look for a reliable and trustworthy imaging center that has the following qualities: 

  • It should have a team of knowledgeable staff members to take care of all the patients. The team should work with consistency and attentiveness.
  • It should only use safe and proven procedures to ensure that every person can enjoy a relaxing experience in their center.
  • It should use a lower dose of radiation in its imaging procedure. The radiation dose should be lower than the dose defined by the FDA. It is to ensure that the radiation will not cause any harmful impact on your breasts.

If you are prescribed by your healthcare professional to get mammography done yearly, or if you want to diagnose an early concern, you can book an appointment with any imaging center that can handle all your 3D mammogram needs.